Matt Doe

Colorist | Editor | Videographer

About Me...


With an affinity for technology and learning new skills and tricks, I was drawn to the broadcast television and film industry early in college.  I was (and remain) an avid special features watcher.  

I concentrated my studies in broadcast journalism and began teaching myself Final Cut Pro, Avid and Adobe software in my spare time.  

After editing video part-time for WRIC Channel 12 in Richmond, VA, and earning my Bachelor of Science degree in Mass Communications at Virginia Commonwealth University, I began my career at Henninger Media Services, a full-service post production house.  

I started out in the mail room, for the opportunity to get my foot in the door and absorb as much knowledge as I could.  I quickly became a FedEx master.  I would wander the halls with my down time, ducking in and out of edit, color grading, and audio mixing suites asking questions.  It wasn't long before I was able to transfer into the duplication and quality control department.  Over the next two years I essentially went to school all over again, learning what it really meant to work in TV and post-production, before accepting an Assistant Editor position at Half Yard Productions. 

I cut my teeth on a variety of series—most notably The Real Housewives of D.C.— rendering the same care and effort as I would have put into “The Walking Dead,” “The Newsroom,” “The West Wing,” or “Homeland.”

In two years, I was promoted to Online Editor and Colorist, specializing in color grading and final finish editing for 30 and 60 minute network television shows.  I've graded and delivered shows to The Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, National Geographic, Bravo, Velocity and many others. 

My attention to detail has made me a natural fit for a role in which I’m the last stop before a show is shipped to the network. I should probably thank my West Point alumni dad for instilling that value in me. 

In my free time, I enjoy planning, shooting, editing, and color grading music videos, marketing videos, and short films. I enjoy participating in several stages of production and navigating obstacles (e.g., a non-existent budget, forces of nature, or last-minute actor injuries) with a team of passionate and conscientious professionals. I seek out information on new gear, software and techniques every day, and relish opportunities to use them.  

Outside of the production world, I enjoy playing and watching hockey (go Caps!); honing my golf technique; cooking; drumming; photography; and Virginia’s wine, cider, and craft beer tourism.

If you could use some help or guidance on your next video project, I would love to hear from you.